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The Jezebel Chris Matthews story is driving me crazy. I don't especially like Chris Matthews or anything, but the disingenuous slant of the story is bugging me like crazy. This is amazing.

Grandfather just died, so wish me luck. I'm not typically an anxious sort but if there is one thing that makes me very anxious, it is sudden international travel for an indeterminate amount of time. Whenever you're in a hurry or doing things as you go, you always forget something or mess up some routine thing.

In one night, Walking Dead Finale, Game Of Thrones Premier, and Opening Day of 2013 MLB season. Decisions, decisions. This is amazing.

Kinda wish Jezebel would do an article on the Veronica Mars kickstarter. I think it has been long enough that we should let VM go, but it is kind of neat that Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell trying to bring it back. Plus I suspect there might be a huge overlap of VM fans and women who read Jezebel.

I hate astrology, and I hate whatever it is about our culture that makes women especially vulnerable to astrology and psychics and supernatural shit. It drives me nuts to see media outlets targeted at women go in for this stuff because the demographic likes it. It makes me crazy to hear women around me at work put

Guys, am I crazy? Did Jezebel not even manage a blurb about South Korea electing their first female President?