I hope nobody gets offended by this but I would like to confess a frustration.

I hate hate hate hate hate 'ghost' stuff, spirit stuff, psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, astrology, hauntings, etc. I hate listening to people I otherwise enjoy or respect talk about this stuff ad nauseum. I hate that I can't say anything about it. I hate that it is disproportionately women who seem to be in to this.


I hate listening to friends talk about the presence in their home, or spooky feelings, or just augh.

I've had people tell me that it is just fun, or it is like a hobby or a game. Something goofy to entertain yourself. I don't care when it is like that. Joke about it however you want. But when people start getting worried or anxious over it, or start like, spending real resources (time or money) on it, or they try to apply it to things. Just drives me up the wall.


And I can't say anything about it. That is the worst part.

Hate hate hate hate.


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